RPC test code?

Greg Turner gmturner007 at ameritech.net
Wed Oct 30 12:22:50 CST 2002

On Wednesday 30 October 2002 11:00 am, Martin Wilck wrote:
> Am Mit, 2002-10-30 um 16.43 schrieb Greg Turner:
> > Actually, I was leaning towards the idea of having the test program
> > itself be both client and server... but AFAIK there is no
> > wine-compatible way to fork()..?
> Why don't you just use CreateThread()?
> I am doing this for the winsock tests and it works just fine.
> You can use thread-local storage to keep variables separate.
> Martin

I need to cross a process boundary.  There is per-process storage in 
rpcrt4 that I don't want shared during my tests.  Single-process RPC's 
are worthy of their own test, however; I probably ought to test both 

BTW, this is somewhat off-topic, but sometimes the winsock test hangs 
for me after "make testclean"; ctrl-c and re-running "make test" always 
works, so I wonder if perhaps there is a race condition tickled by the 
make processing?  Next time (if there is one) that I encounter this, 
I'll attach a debugger and tell you what I see.


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