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On Wed, 30 Oct 2002, Keith Matthews wrote:
> Stressing the number of calls in the MS API is another important point
> to make, thanks to Andreas for providing an updated figure.

For more API stats you can check out the following page (and

While I'm writing I will just mention some other links relevant to the
'Wine perception' aspect:

 * Contributing to Wine
   Trying to present ways to get started helping Wine. More work is
needed on this section and it needs to be made much more visible.

 * Why Wine is so important
   Many people have a primitive 'say no to Windows software' attitude
because they do not understand why Wine is important.

 * Debunking Wine Myths
   These myths are quite common and detract to Wine's image

Here's my thoughts on getting more developpers:
 * I think step one is fixing Wine's perception issues by improving the
Web site to make the above more visible, add screenshots and make it
easier to navigate.
 * Step two is to add more resources geared towards new developpers to
make it easier for them to get started (e.g. taslets bug list, finish
the conformance testing guide, update the developer's guide, etc.).
 * Step three is to be more outgoing. Do a better job at describing the
tasks that need to be done for instance. Let people know that we need
help, that with done much with less than one tenth the number of
developpers that the Linux kernel has. Someone suggested making Wine
presentations at local LUGs. I think that's a goog idea too.

I have done some work on the above items (all committed) but I'm not a
technical writer so it takes me a lot of time to write documentation and
I'm rarely happy with the result. And free time is in very short supply
currently. Plus I'm not familiar with PHP which would be required for
some of the Web site changes (again a time issue). So please, if anyone
feels like updating the web site or writing documentation, go ahead.
Wine needs you!

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