Versions & mass-appeal

Lionel Ulmer lionel.ulmer at
Wed Oct 30 16:12:12 CST 2002

> An app, is an app, is an app. I don't give a flying !@#$ if it's
> a Qt, Gtk, Python, Perl, Java, Wine, wxWindows, you-name-it app.
> I don't want every toolkit, library, etc. to invent their own
> universe with their own little desktop. It would be crazy. You
> feel the need to group apps to cleanup your workspace: fine,
> instruct your WM to do it! This does not belong in the toolkit!

Well, you and I seem to have very different opinion on Wine. For you, it's a
way to run a particular application. For me, it's like a virtual PC running
Windows on my Linux box (ie more like a VMWare or a terminal server /
Metaframe approach).

For me, running 'explorer' (or whatever is called the Windows WM) in a
desktopped Windows session and actually have the 'Start' button in the lower
right corner of the window to start Windows applications would be the way I
would prefer running Wine.


		 Lionel Ulmer -

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