Versions & mass-appeal

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at
Wed Oct 30 16:58:50 CST 2002

On October 30, 2002 09:11 am, Uwe Bonnes wrote:
> think of Win32 as a user library, just like Motif or QT. So the "thing of
> beauty" ( or missing beauty) gets relative...

Very good point. This is another angle I wanted to approach:
we are currently perceived by some as a 'evil thing' which
allows MS-stuff to creep into Linux.

We should make it clear that Wine is:

1) a PE loader
  This is good! PE is a valid format, just like ELF.
  There are advantages to have it supported in Linux.

2) A (large) toolkit/lib/etc.
  There, we are in the same bucket as Lesstif, Qt, GTK, etc.

We are a Unix thing as much as all the other cherished libs.


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