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Wed Oct 30 18:04:16 CST 2002

On Wed, 2002-10-30 at 12:10, Dirk wrote:
> Could someone do something to make the need for this hardware disappear
> and save the world of people who love proprietrary video game consoles?
> There is already a tool that converts xpe files into exe. Only the bios
> and the improved DirectX must be re-engineered and the rest will be done
> by a Geforce4 (or 5) and a 2Ghz CPU.

I'm sure an Xbox emulator will eventually come along, assuming there
aren't a few already in the works; they, however, under Linux at least,
would have to implement DirectX calls; it would be interesting to
frequently contact those developers as they would face many of the same
issues of implementing DirectX as the newly formed Wine DX group will. I
don't know of any emulators that support Xbox architecture, but I don't
think wine should be the project to do so, not unless an Xbox game runs
under (normal) Windows.

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