So lets say we do it

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at
Thu Oct 31 01:11:31 CST 2002

That is,

Lets assume for the sake of argument that Alexandre likes my
0.8 idea so much, that he releases Wine 0.8 with much fanfare
next Monday (so we have a good audience), and the news reaches
Slashdot where a message with a link to
is posted, in good CmdrTaco fashion...

And so, let's see what's going to happen:

1. 90% of /.ers will click on the link, and WineHQ gets Slashdotted! :)

2. People will look for the typical left-side menu:

*BZZT* We don't have any. 5% will drop off here.

3. Then they'll visually search for the word "Screenshot"

*BZZT* We don't have any on front page. 30% will drop off.
*I* drop off here when I visit other projects, for crying out loud!

So let's assume that by a miracle they'll discover the screenshots:
do they make them drool? No, we loose another 15%.

Damn, that's tough! Let's see what happens to the rest:

4. Let's download, and try it out

Do we have officially sanctioned binaries (at the very least
.rpms for RH, and .deb for Debian)? No. *BZZT* We loose another 30%.
Again, *I* don't care about stuff that doesn't come as a binary
.rpm for my RH system. I used to, not anymore.

Fine, some will install what they download. What next? Hm, this
Wine thing just sits there, it's not that simple. We need to
read some docs. Back to the site.

5. Look at the docs

Oh, we have some. We hate to read docs, but Wine is cool, so we
swallow the pill. Only to find out it's out of date!!! What a
piece of #@$%!

*BZZT* Another 10% drop off.

Thats 90% drop-off before they really tried it out! The rest 10%,
go on. So, what do we do with it?

6. Look for a list of Win-apps that we can run

Is there something on the site? No. Blah, too much hassel...

*BZZT* Another 5% go.

(Don't even mention app-db, it's *way* too complicated!)

So the 5% left, install wine, install a Win-app, and play around.
Great, it works! They start learning the utilities, etc., but
those are in flux, and we change them, and they get PO-ed. Another
percent, or two leave the fold...


P.S. A story-like TODO (with embedded rationale) for 0.8.0 :)

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