So lets say we do it

Dirk noisyb at
Thu Oct 31 09:35:28 CST 2002

> If you want more screenshots, then you just need to go to the AppDB.
> (although we don't mention it yet, so I'll add a subtitle
> "for more screenshots, see AppDB" to the screenshot now)

hmm.. IMHO the screenshots should be shown BEFORE the rest of the site shows
up.. screenshots are the most important thing.. when i go to a side to
download something that's not a cmdline tool i want screenshots.. and i want
A LOT of them... in wine's case that would be screenshots of wine running all
M$ products to give people a good laugh and motivate them to go on.. and
after that IMPORTANT screenshots of wine running games... and after that some
screenshots of wine running crap.. and atfer that the download screen with a
5 or 10 step installation instruction.. and after that the rest...

1) screenshots/flash animation with M$ products
2) screenshots/flash animation with games
3) download and a richly pictured 5 or 10 step installation guide
    (for dummies.. i mean REAL dummies.. hmm.. or let's say people who just
installed Linux/Unix and miss their windows crap)
4) example config files to enable dummies to run the top 10
most-best-favourite-games in 2 or 3 steps (i think this is the MOST important
point.. firms who want to run M$ products will have their consulting ppl who
do things like installing wine for them.. but ppl who have to do things
themselves are almost ppl who want to run games..)


5) all BLABLABLA and sciences nobody is interested in when he JUST wants to
run M$ stuff on his linux/unix..

maybe you should select someone who takes care only of such stuff.. like "Big
mouthing", PR , ranting, tutorial writing, picture drawing, flash
animations... etc..

that's meant to be a constructive critic..  for more inspirations have a look


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