So lets say we do it

chrismorgan at chrismorgan at
Thu Oct 31 10:18:30 CST 2002

> > 2. People will look for the typical left-side menu:
> >     Home
> >     About
> >     Status
> >     Development
> >     Download
> >     Screenshots
> > 
> > *BZZT* We don't have any. 5% will drop off here.
> Sorry to say that, but in this mail, *you* were talking *some* crap IMHO
> ;-)
> We *do* have screenshots. The About page has some pretty nice screenshot.
> OK, it's a minimalist approach, granted, but it does show IE etc.

I'd also like to second the opinion that we should have a dedicated "Screenshot" entry right off of the main page.  I do the same stuff that Dimitrie does, go to a project, look at some text briefly and then immediately want to see what the app looks like when it is working.  So maybe leave the screenshot link off of the "About" page but also put a link on the main page.


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