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Thu Oct 31 14:59:58 CST 2002

On 30 Oct 2002, Chris Thielen wrote:
> I'm sure an Xbox emulator will eventually come along, assuming there
> aren't a few already in the works; they, however, under Linux at least,
> would have to implement DirectX calls; it would be interesting to
> frequently contact those developers as they would face many of the same
> issues of implementing DirectX as the newly formed Wine DX group will. I
> don't know of any emulators that support Xbox architecture, but I don't
> think wine should be the project to do so, not unless an Xbox game runs
> under (normal) Windows.

I thought that the XBox was basically a stripped down version of the
Win32 API + DirectX + some hardware and software modifications to make
XBox games incompatible with regular Windows. I also thought one of
Microsoft's goals was to lure PC game programmers to the XBox by making
it very similar to writing games for a PC.

So it seems like Wine would contain 90% of what's needed to make an XBox
emulator (for Unix), thus making it a good starting place. Same as Wine
would be a good starting place to write a WinCE emulator.

Of course I don't have (and probably will never have) and XBox and have
never programmed a game for the XBox so maybe others know better?

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