So lets say we do it

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at
Thu Oct 31 17:09:38 CST 2002

On October 31, 2002 05:05 pm, Jeremy Newman wrote:
> Oh pick ME ME ME! :-)

OK mister, you're on! :)

> I don't volunteer my weekends often, so speak now.

IMO we need to reorganize the front page a bit more than that.
  -- the big "Navigation" box is wasted space, because
	1. It contains items everybody expects as a left-hand menu
	2. Contains no real content
  -- while pretty, the layout is a non-standard, and is a wee bit
	too far away from the "least surprise" principle
  -- the news/announcements need a bit more space

So here is my suggestion:
  1. Have a left-hand navigation menu, as follows:
	Mailing Lists

   Look at It's not the nicest, but the home
   page is simple, and has a link to almost all relevant info:
	Download, Mailing Lists, FAQ, Docs, Screenshots, etc.
   You need only *one* click. In our site, you need 3-4 clicks,
   scrolling, etc. Vast majority of people don't have such a long
   attention span.

   Look for example at, it's not
   pretty, but you can get to most stuff in *one* click.

  2. The main area (in the middle) should be "Announcements"
     We should have there the last 2-3 announcements, and at
     the end a link to the archives. Each announcement gets
     a bold title, and a few lines of text. Here we'll
     have Wine releases (the few lines of text will contain
     the What's New stuff), WWN releases (for which we can
     lists the story titles), etc.

I'll stop here. What do you think?


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