Getting actively involved in the Wine project

Francois Gouget fgouget at
Thu Oct 31 17:13:15 CST 2002

Hi Thomas,

Thomas Wickline wrote:

> Wine users , CodeWeavers & WineX customers could do Previews/Demo's at 
> there local lug meetings as well.. This is what I did a couple months
 > back and it was a huge success there were Windows users at the meeting
 > to see Linux and Win app's being run on Linux ... Also it gives Linux
 > users a look at wine as well.
> So I suggest that we try to encourage wine users to volinteer to show 
> Wine at there local user groups/Installfest/Computer shows and so on.

I agree. Making Wine presentations at local LUGs can only be a good 
thing. It can dispel some myths and it might even help Wine recruit new 
developpers :-)

CodeWeavers has actually done a few presentations on "CrossOver and 
Wine" at local LUGs. I did one recently at the Linux User Group Of Davis 
(LUGOD, a pretty nice LUG) quite recently. You can find the presentation 
online at the following URL.

Feel free to check it out and use it as inspiration if you want to make 
a presentation (credit to CodeWeavers appreciated if you use significant 
portions of it <g>).

Francois Gouget
fgouget at

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