SIGSEGV in IDirectDrawImpl_EnumDisplayModes

Matthew Bloch matthew at
Thu Oct 31 19:36:47 CST 2002

On Thursday 31 October 2002 18:41, Lionel Ulmer wrote:
> > Sorry, that was the method I posted, I happened to paste the wrong
> > function name; this is the entire function with line 852 marked:
> Care to give me the actual data type of 'mp_directDraw' ? It seems that as
> you supposed, it does not use the correct function pointer when you use
> 'mp_directDraw->CreateSurface' and call instead 'EnumDisplayModes' thus, of
> course, leading to a crash as the callback function is not filled in
> properly.

Declared in the header as:

  IDirectDraw* mp_directDraw;

I'm working from the position of not knowing much about DirectDraw, so this is 
all new territory.

> The only thing I find strange is that you call CreateSurface with the 3rd
> argument being NULL and we should see that in the trace for
> 'EnumDisplayModes'...

Yes, to my eye it looks like a linking problem but I'm not sure how to tell.  
Maybe if I whittle it down to a single .c file which I can post to the list 
it'll make it easier to diagnose.

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