So lets say we do it

John K. Hohm jhohm at
Thu Oct 31 20:00:08 CST 2002

> Once we have that we need to make sure we have suitable defaults to
> allow running at least the drives/paths control panel without registry
> files at all. We also need the Wine dlls to register themselves
> instead of having to merge winedefault.reg by hand. Then it should be
> possible to write a .inf script to setup a new Wine install
> automatically from scratch.

Once upon a time (well okay, in July) I said I would make the Wine dlls
self-registerable, and now I've gone and created bug #1117 to remind me to do it.

I plan to use the (mostly-)static-array-driven, dumb but generic,
regsvr_register and regsvr_unregister functions that are currently situated in
dlls/comcat.  I don't like the idea of copying around exact duplicates of
regsvr.[hc], but they seem too small to put in their own; what
do you recommend?

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