Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Sun Sep 1 03:06:43 CDT 2002

admiral coeyman a écrit :
> Group,
>         I am not the only developer who has trouble reading the wine debugger screen.
> The solution which was pointed out will not work for me since I do not run wine
> that way.  We should have a real solution rather than one that is bodged
> together anyway.
what do you mean here ? you can (as of today) choose any fixed font
(that fits in the screen) for displaying in the wineconsole. Those
settings are saved in the registry.
I agree that the current way of choosing a default font is not optimal,
but you can always pick up another one if you don't like it

I'm about to release a patch that will let the user have console
settings on a per app basis (and not a global settings as today)


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