ALSA 0.9 sound problems

TJ oo6 at
Sun Sep 1 12:46:15 CDT 2002

I never looked into programming ALSA or WINE
I know C, but not much beoynd some GTK can console stuff.
(ie will need to learn the APIs involved in this)

But I do have a SBLive with fully working MIDI (via ALSA)
and i'd love to help testing/feedback (and get FFVII to work which 
demands MIDI)

 >not so many people work on Alsa 0.9 these days, so if you want to give
 >it a shot, be welcome

well 0.5 is deprecated and unsuported, afaik all major distros have now 
switched to 0.9, also ALSA has gone into the Linux kernel. It is more 
complete then OSS, ie more drivers, midi support etc.
(with OSS you need buy the whole opensound system from 4front and I not 
a fan of semi-free stuff like OSS/free)

call on me for help, but I feel if I were try solve it my self I would 
be playing catch-up with those who understand it better then I. Saying 
that I will go look at some docs and the source to see what I can see.

maybe compare how snd-pcm-oss streams the sound to alsa, with how 
winealsa.drv streams the sound to alsa. since it seems snd-pcm-oss does 
a better job of it =)


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