Opinions about univesal printer driver

Ilja Kamps ikarus at ikarus.ath.cx
Sun Sep 1 19:31:38 CDT 2002

On Mon, Sep 02, 2002 at 02:17:41AM +0200, m.kostrzewa at pentacomp.com.pl wrote:
> I'm trying to imagine a method for using windows printer drivers under 
> linux. As far as I know, from gdi's point of view it works like:
> LoadLibrary(driver) (drv appears to be a dll),
> some of 24 DDI functions which every printer driver should contain, 
> Initialization = Enable, Control, next goes drawing functions like Output, 
> Pixel. It doesn't have to access paralell ports - it can write to file 
> (when printing under Windows you have this little checkbox, and gdi 
> initializes driver telling this filename I think). Content of this file can 
> be directly sent to port in Linux's way. I know that's not that simple, but 
> I'm very interested in your opinions: what do you think about it having 
> experience in dlling under linux :-) ? I know that wine doesn't run 
> drivers, but it can run win dlls. Is it possible at all? Or this is just a 
> linux-supports-every-printer dream? Perhaps someone tried this already? 
Well, Wine once supported Windows printer drivers, (I belive the support got 
broken in early 2001), but based on that you should be able to resurrect support 
without too much trouble.

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