ALSA 0.9 sound problems

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Mon Sep 2 08:44:00 CDT 2002

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  Hi, sorry for the delay in my answer, but my mail server was down...

  I've worked on the ALSA 0.9 driver for wine, and I know it has problems.
I was planning to restart to work on it in the past weeks but, due to my
job, I haven't been able to do it.

  Right now, I'm going on vacation and I'll be back 4 weeks from now. I
think I'll we able to restart coding around the first week of October.
Before then, I'm not sure I'll be able to check my e-mail since I'll be
"on the road" (literally :-) I'll be travelling along the old Route 66
during these weeks... :-)

  Feel free to try by yourself in the mean time. The code in itself is not
so hard to understand. It is more difficut to get a grip on how the
windows applications are using the DSOUND interface.

On Sun, 1 Sep 2002, TJ wrote:
> maybe compare how snd-pcm-oss streams the sound to alsa, with how
> winealsa.drv streams the sound to alsa. since it seems snd-pcm-oss does
> a better job of it =)

  this is how it has been done... :) but, there are still few issues that
need to be worked out, mainly because the oss layer is really a kernel
thing, so it has access to the internals of the alsa driver, while we are
accessing the driver from its published interface.

  basically, we need a way to get feedback from the kernel driver about
how much portion of the enqueued sound has already been played. And we
need to check how to relate the written bytes and played bytes that the
Windows application wants to track through the DSOUND_GetPosition() call.

  The current way to evaluate those values from the "current position" we
have got from the alsalib (which BTW is really an hack, since we are using
an internal variable of the library through an internal function which
IIRC is not part of the public API of the alsalib.

  I would like to test something different, like the secondary buffer
approach, but it isn't so simple.

  BTW, we have been contacted by one of the ALSA developer who was willing
to work on the driver, so I hope to be able to do something with his help
when I'll be back.

> -TJ



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