current wine status pr-1

Paul Millar paulm at
Mon Sep 2 10:16:18 CDT 2002

On Sun, 1 Sep 2002, tom wrote:
> I have a pre-1 hacked together and request any feed back that you can give.

I'm doing rolling CVS regression/conformance testing and reporting back
whenever something breaks.  How about adding an extra line under the "Wine
Regression Test Suite"?

Something like the following:

--- wine-status.txt-old	Mon Sep  2 12:30:00 2002
+++ wine-status.txt	Mon Sep  2 12:31:03 2002
@@ -399,6 +399,7 @@
 Wine Regression Test Suite
 Documentation = 
 workers = CodeWeavers 
+Rolling cvs testing = Paul Millar
 % = 10%
  ( No-Windows installation issues )

For the percentage value, I've hacked together a quick (and dirty ;)  
script for calculating it [attached]. Its says what percentage of
implemented Windows functions are mentioned in at least one
regression/unit/conformance test -- I think this is a reasonable number to
use. 'coz of the quick and dirty nature of the script, it takes a fair
time to run.

Currently the percentage is around 10.3%



Paul Millar

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# V. simple script by Paul Millar (I'm putting my name to this hack?)
# Available under BSD-license: do what you will with it.

# Count number of Win32 API implemented, by counting matching comments:
egrep -h  "^ *\* *[A-Z][A-Za-z]*[^AW] *\([A-Z0-9]*\..*\)$" $(find . -name *.c -print)|awk '{print $2}'|sort -u > /tmp/count-$$

total=$(wc -l /tmp/count-$$|awk '{print $1}')

for f in $(find . -path "*/tests/*.c" -print|grep -v '\.spec\.c'); do

  rm -f /tmp/count-found-$$

  for x in $(cat /tmp/count-$$); do
    grep "$x" "$f" > /dev/null && echo $x >> /tmp/count-found-$$;
  [ ! -f /tmp/count-found-$$ ] && continue

  if [ -f /tmp/count-tested-$$ ]; then
    cat /tmp/count-tested-$$ /tmp/count-found-$$ | sort -u > /tmp/count-tmp-$$
    mv /tmp/count-tmp-$$ /tmp/count-tested-$$
    cp /tmp/count-found-$$ /tmp/count-tested-$$

  # remove each entry from /tmp/count-found-$$ from /tmp/count-$$ 
  for x in $(cat /tmp/count-found-$$); do
    grep -v "^$x\$" /tmp/count-$$ > /tmp/count-tmp-$$ && mv /tmp/count-tmp-$$ /tmp/count-$$

tested=$(wc -l /tmp/count-tested-$$|awk '{print $1}')

echo -n "$total API functions implemented, $tested of them tested: "
awk "END{print 100*$tested/$total, \"%\"}" < /dev/null

rm /tmp/count-*-$$

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