Jeff Smith whydoubt at
Mon Sep 2 22:06:40 CDT 2002

ANSI_CHARSET and SYMBOL_CHARSET need to be defined (in include/wingdi.h), 
but I
  have some doubts about the details.

SYMBOL_CHARSET should be defined as (BYTE)2, I believe.

If the current value of DEFAULT_CHARSET as (BYTE)1 is correct, then I 
  ANSI_CHARSET should be (BYTE)0.  I question the current value of
  DEFAULT_CHARSET, and suspect it should be the reverse (DEFAULT:0 ANSI:1).
  DEFAULT defines tend to be 0 except for a few special cases (and this one
  does not fit as one of in my book).

I'm sure someone out there is more familiar with this than I am, and I would
  appreciate their feedback.

  There is a function in shell32.dll as distributed in Win95-OSR-2.1, that 
uses    the LOGFONT structure.  In this function, the structure is used for 
  fonts: "Times New Roman", "Arial", and "Wingdings".  The lfCharSet member 
  each case is 0, 0, and 2, respectively.

-- Jeff Smith

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