current wine status pr-1

Dimitrie O. Paun dimi at
Mon Sep 2 23:28:19 CDT 2002

On September 2, 2002 02:30 pm, tom wrote:
> Well I was going to ask for what need's to be done in order for
> Wine to become 1.0.0 .....
> But after reading over the last years worth of WWN it seem's everytime this
> is brought up a nice FLAME WAR starts up .

Well, these are different things. 

The Wine 0.9 and 1.0 tasklist has been discussed at WineConf, and 
they are documented somewhere (does anyone have a link to them?).
However, these are quite different from the 100% complete list, since
Wine 1.0 will (hopefully) be released _before_ a lot of the components
are 100% complete.

In other words, the Wine 1.0 tasklist answers the question:
   "Alexandre, what do we need to do to have Wine 1.0?"

The 100% complete tasklist answers the question:
   "<devname>, what is left to do to complete component X?"
where <devname> is/are the developer(s) who have intimate
knowledge about component X.

Now, talking about 100% complete, we should define a little
better what we mean by this percentage. I suggest that it
estimates the completeness of *documented* features,
since the undocumented ones are simply gagable. This being
said, a component reaches 100% complete status when
it implements all documented features.


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