Tab Controls without name

Fabian Cenedese Cenedese at
Wed Sep 4 09:51:53 CDT 2002


I found something that would be easy to fix in case it really should be 
fixed. Working with tab controls I have the case where I set the tab name 
to empty because it's too big to be shown. In the TCITEM structure I set 
the text pointer to NULL instead of a "". Thus Wine stopped at some point 
doing a strlen on a NULL pointer. Obvious. Then I checked MSDN if this is 
allowed or not. It always says string pointer, never is a NULL pointer a 
possible value. Ok, so my code is wrong, easy to change.
But still (the often cited sentence): It used to work in Windows. So now I 
don't know if Wine should be clean (and NULL pointer in tab name is not 
allowed) or if it should behave as Windows (no matter what docs say) and a 
NULL pointer is just an empty name...

bye  Fabi

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