Trying to debug Paradise Poker client

Andreas Mohr andi at
Thu Sep 5 06:09:12 CDT 2002

On Thu, Sep 05, 2002 at 02:41:27AM -0700, Per Nystrom wrote:
> Hi,
> I filed bug 1007 (kernel32.dll.Heap32* functions unimplemented) on this,
> but I'm not even sure that's the real problem.  One thing that I'm seeing
> is retval=00000000 (FALSE) from all the calls to
> advapi32.CryptAcquireContextA() -- since this application relies *heavily* 
> on encryption, I wonder if this is a good place to start.
> If I run it with the advapi32 dll overridden to use native, I get a
> different error and the App seems to crash even earlier in its execution.
> The following is what I got using the native advapi32 dll:
> fixme:file:VxDCall_VMM Unknown service 00010029
> 08070158:Ret  kernel32.VxDCall4() retval=ffffffff ret=bfe81d8d fs=008f
>  eax=ffffffff ebx=00000000 ecx=4011faa8 edx=405c6a00 esi=00000064 
> edi=00000001
>  ebp=405c6d5c esp=405c6d40 ds=002b es=002b gs=0ac7 flags=00000202
> 08070158:Call kernel32.CreateEventA(00000005,00000064,00000001,71467c2a 
> "\205\300u\020h\024$EqSj\001S\377\327\243LPJqU\350\304\262\377\377;\363t\007V\377\025<\022Eq_^][\303\203=LPJq") 
> ret=00000001
> err:win32:CreateEventW Bad security attributes pointer 0x5
> 08070158:Ret  kernel32.CreateEventA() retval=00000000 ret=00000001
> wine: Unhandled exception, starting debugger...
You really, really shouldn't do this.
advapi32.dll HAS to be builtin, period (since this crash is stressing
the fact that it's a system level DLL).

I'm afraid you'll have to look into proper crypto support :-\

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