Recent change causes bad QuickBooks behaviour(?)

Carl Sopchak carl.sopchak at
Fri Sep 6 13:28:04 CDT 2002

I have been using Wine to run QuickBooks fairly successfully for several 
months now.  However, I frequently do CVS updates because I'm also trying to 
run Quicken, and there are several issues that I'm hoping will get fixed this 
way.  (I have fixed a few of them myself, and am working on one now, but my 
time [like everyone else's, I'm sure] is limited...)

It's been a few weeks since I've run QuickBooks (8/19 was my last transaction 
date, so it'd be somewhere around there...).  When I went to run it today 
(after several CVS updates on wine, including "moments ago"), after the 
company data file is opened, the main menu bar goes away.  This was 
definately NOT a problem the last time I ran QuickBooks, so I surmise that it 
is the result of a change committed to CVS within the past two to three weeks 
that is causing this behaviour.  It happens in both managed and unmanaged 
window mode.

Basically, the main menu bar should be at the top of the window, but the 
configurable taskbar / buttonbar is displayed "over" it.  The accellerator 
keys for the menu bar are no longer recognised (the program beeps if you try 
to use <alt>f [for example] to get to the File menu).

I am more than willing to try to debug this.  I'd really rather not go back to 
Windows to run QuickBooks, but I HAVE TO HAVE it (for running my company's 
finances!)  But, before I spend days trying to find out what changed in the 
past few weeks, I was wondering (no, hoping, really) if anyone might 
recognize this problem as being a possible result of a recent CVS committed 

Well, in the mean time, I guess I'll look through the CVS commits from the 
past few weeks (arghhh!)...

Any help would be greatly appreciated...



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