New header winternl.h

Jürgen Schmied juergen.schmied at
Sat Sep 7 12:12:39 CDT 2002

On 7 Sep 2002 at 18:42, Patrik Stridvall wrote:

> As of Microsoft SDKs August 2002 there is a brand new
> header called winternl.h that contains a part of the
> relased information.
For me this header looks like they copyed some informations 
from the ntddk in hurry into one file to release it. It's definitely
not covering a complete api.
We should leave this informations in ntddk.h and replace 
the winternl.h with a file containing only #include "ntddk.h"
if there is some additional information in wintenl.h it shouldn't
hurt to merge it into the aprobiate headers.

> Unfortunetly it can't be included at the same time
> as ntdef.h and ntddk.h because it partly defines the
> same information.
The problem is we need a mix between sdk and ddk headers
in our include directory. We could separate it but I don't know if its 
worth the work.

> Now, I have the full Microsoft SDK August 2002 contains
> over 1000 .h files!!! But ntdef.h and ntddk.h is not
> among them. They doesn't seem to be offical headers or
> at least not any more.
They are in the ddk.

> So I'm a little unsure on how the headers should be organised.
> winternl.h contains to little information to fully replace
> ntdef.h/ntddk.h in fact in some cases of the enums in winternl.h
> is incomplete but the full enum exists in ntddk.h!!!
Yes see abouve. This file is a mess!

> Futhermore some of the functions and data structures in ntddk.h
> is defined in no header in the offical Microsoft SDKs!!!
DDK ;-)

> While we probably should include winternl.h because its an offical
> header I'm a little unsure on how or whether we should use it
> ourselves and what we should do with ntdef.h/ntddk.h. 
We don't should us it at all.

> Any suggestions?
Keep cool ;-)


juergen.schmied at

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