May we use winelib-wcmd as $COMSPEC command processor?

Uwe Bonnes bon at
Sat Sep 7 17:15:11 CDT 2002


some java program in the Xilinx webpack suite is started as a batch file
from a perl script. When the batch should be executed, the perl script looks
for the $COMSPEC variable and starts the batch like:

Call kernel32.CreateProcessA(40c82e0c "c:\\",40c8fee4\
"c:\\ /c I:\\xilinx\\bin\\nt\\ChipView.bat -f magcom.vm6"...

Pointing $COMSPEC to the winelib wcmd processor doesn't work as expected, as
CreateProcess tries to execute wcmd as windows executable, as CeateProcess
is called like:

Call kernel32.CreateProcessA(40c8248f\
"h:\\tmp\\wine\\compile\\wine\\programs\\wcmd\\wcmd /c\
I:\\xilinx\\bin\\nt\\ChipView.bat -f magcom.vm6",...

I there any way to use winelib-wcmd in this situation?


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