New header winternl.h

Patrik Stridvall ps at
Sat Sep 7 17:15:43 CDT 2002

> On 7 Sep 2002 at 18:42, Patrik Stridvall wrote:
> > As of Microsoft SDKs August 2002 there is a brand new
> > header called winternl.h that contains a part of the
> > relased information.
> For me this header looks like they copyed some informations 
> from the ntddk in hurry into one file to release it. It's definitely
> not covering a complete api.
> We should leave this informations in ntddk.h and replace 
> the winternl.h with a file containing only #include "ntddk.h"
> if there is some additional information in wintenl.h it shouldn't
> hurt to merge it into the aprobiate headers.

The problem is that we don't (and shouldn't) install ntdef.h and
ntddk.h but we should do that with wintrnl.h since it is an
official header and might be used by a Winelib application.

Of course since it first appear a few weeks ago not many
application are likely to use it yet...
> > Unfortunetly it can't be included at the same time
> > as ntdef.h and ntddk.h because it partly defines the
> > same information.
> The problem is we need a mix between sdk and ddk headers
> in our include directory. We could separate it but I don't 
> know if its 
> worth the work.

I'm not sure either.
> > Now, I have the full Microsoft SDK August 2002 contains
> > over 1000 .h files!!! But ntdef.h and ntddk.h is not
> > among them. They doesn't seem to be offical headers or
> > at least not any more.
> They are in the ddk.

Of course, I should I guessed from the name ntddk.h,
that it is from the DDK after all... :-)

> > So I'm a little unsure on how the headers should be organised.
> > winternl.h contains to little information to fully replace
> > ntdef.h/ntddk.h in fact in some cases of the enums in winternl.h
> > is incomplete but the full enum exists in ntddk.h!!!
> Yes see abouve. This file is a mess!

Agreed. :-)
> > Futhermore some of the functions and data structures in ntddk.h
> > is defined in no header in the offical Microsoft SDKs!!!
> DDK ;-)
> > While we probably should include winternl.h because its an offical
> > header I'm a little unsure on how or whether we should use it
> > ourselves and what we should do with ntdef.h/ntddk.h. 
> We don't should us it at all.
> > Any suggestions?
> Keep cool ;-)

And do what?
As I said above wintrnl.h can't include ntddk.h.

Of course we can just include it as it is and don't use it...

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