May we use winelib-wcmd as $COMSPEC command processor?

Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Sun Sep 8 14:06:09 CDT 2002

Uwe Bonnes <bon at> writes:

> > echo $COMSPEC 
> wcmd.exe
> (I added an echo command to winewrapper)
> /home/bon/tmp/wine/compile/wine/dlls:/home/bon/tmp/wine/compile/wine/programs
> 088fccb8:Call kernel32.CreateProcessA(40c8248f "wcmd.exe",40c87f04 "wcmd.exe
> /c I:\\xilinx\\bin\\nt\\ChipView.bat -f magcom
> .vm6",405c6c3c,405c6c3c,00000001,00000000,00000000,00000000,405c6bf8,405c6be8)

The app is passing COMSPEC as application name to CreateProcess, so my
suggestion won't work, you have to make COMSPEC a full path. Setting
it to "c:\windows\system\wcmd.exe" should work.

Alexandre Julliard
julliard at

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