Recent change causes bad QuickBooks behaviour(?)

Carl Sopchak carl.sopchak at
Mon Sep 9 11:45:58 CDT 2002

On Monday, September 09, 2002 12:15 pm, Carl Sopchak wrote:
> > > Hummm...  I applied the patch, but I still don't have the main menu in
> > > QuickBooks....
> >
> > Hmm well, has that really been caused by my patch then ?
> > Did you remove my first patch to test it ?
> Oh, I just figured that the patch would take care of things like that. 
> I'll give it a try...
> Carl


It seems that the call to SetWindowLongA to unregister menu on owning window 
(per the comments; in the patch committed to CVS it's at "@@ -3842,6 +3844,9 
@@") is the culprit.  The committed patch had this call done unconditionally.  
The patch that you posted a few days ago made the call conditional on 
(lppop->hWnd).  When I commented this out (the condition and call), the menu 
"re-appears".  So, I guess for now, I'll leave the call out...

Andi, should I post a patch, or are you going to work on this some more?


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