[PATCH] winemaker fixes

Francois Gouget fgouget at free.fr
Mon Sep 9 13:57:19 CDT 2002

On 6 Sep 2002, Martin Wilck wrote:

> Francois,
> you seem to be working on winemaker again.
> I wonder if you still recall the patch I sent on May 22.

Yes, I thought they were in CVS already. I was actually happy that
someone fixed the --nomfc stuff.

> I am a bit irritated that none of the fixes I sent with that patch have
> so far gone into CVS. If I recall right, only one of the changes I made
> was controversial (whether the wrapper app should call FreeLibrary() or
> not).
> If they conflict with any patches you haven't submitted yet, please tell
> me so that we can resolve the conflicts.

Hmm, I just sent a bunch of winemaker patches. There may be conflicts
but I think they would only be superficial conflicts, i.e. not conflicts
in the way to do things. Also your patches and mine are mostly

In case of conflicts I suggest Alexandre applies your patches first and
I will resolve the conflicts and resend my patches then.

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