Direct3D v8

Ann and Jason Edmeades us at
Tue Sep 10 12:28:46 CDT 2002


What is the current state of affairs regarding DirectX (8) support in wine.
With Transgaming producing a version which appears to work well from what I
read on the Internet, what is happening about getting support for it in the
wine tree - Is the intention to wait and see what Transgaming do?

The reason I ask - Not to start a political debate with pros and cons of
Transgaming, but more because as a learning exercise with regard to 3d
graphics, I started fiddling with Direct X 8 support and have some sample
code which runs some simple Direct3D samples and most of a sequence of
tutorials. (9 out of 11 work reasonably well).

I dont have a problem with the code remaining personal to me and probably
archived, as I have learnt a lot by doing it (which was my original aim),
but if it is agreed that adding directx 8 support completely different to
the Transgaming code is ok, then I may try to submit some patches.

Note the current code is nowhere near ideal, so dont get your hopes up.
Specifically, it exports X11DRV_get_client_window from X11DRV as a means of
getting the X window from the HWND, which is not clean. It does not use a
HAL (which is where the current ddraw code was starting to head), it calls
all the opengl calls inline. I have only tested on one machine with one
level of mesa (tough! thats all I have). It also has all the c parts in the
d3d8 directory, completely seperate (and in some cases duplicating code from
the ddraw code), which may or may not be desired. I also dont have a clue
about the configure tests and, so I have just a basic structure
which works enough for me. I'm also relatively certain I havent necessarily
used the highest performing code everywhere, I have done the best I could
with my limited knowledge.

The way I look at it would be a starting point for others to work from. I
could make a drop of the code on a website if anyone wants to see how bad it
is first :-)

Anyway, thoughts please?

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