Direct3D v8

Ann and Jason Edmeades us at
Tue Sep 10 16:03:42 CDT 2002

Ok, what I'll try to do is tidy up parts and submit them, such as the
headers and the skeleton of the com objects. Once thats all committed, I can
start filling in the gaps which I guess is where the real discussion will
start! In the meantime, I'll carry on playing as well.

However, I will need answers to the following few questions fairly quickly:

1. To get this working without a low level driver, I have currently added
the following line to x11drv.spec:
    # Hack for now, d3d
    @ cdecl d3dhack(long) X11DRV_get_client_window
Unfortunately I couldnt find anyway to get a GL context from a HWND as it
stood. Without this line, nothing is going to appear, but long term I
realize it will need fixing. Does anyone have any thoughts as to how to
handle this, or would this hack be acceptable until a better solution is

2. Currently I have all my modules in the d3d8 directory:
	d3d8_main.c                 d3d8.dll.dbg.c
	d3d8.spec.c                 IDirect3D8.c
	IDirect3DDevice8.c          IDirect3DResource8.c
	IDirect3DVertexBuffer8.c    IDirect3DVolume8.c
	IDirect3DSwapChain8.c       IDirect3DSurface8.c
	IDirect3DIndexBuffer8.c     IDirect3DBaseTexture8.c
	IDirect3DCubeTexture8.c     IDirect3DTexture8.c
This does not tie in with the direct draw code - Do you want me to try and
put implementations into the ddraw directories, so that a common
implementation can be attempted (will require us to somehow bridge the
d3d8.dll / ddraw.dll gap), or carry on as I have done, which will minimize
the code size pulled in for directx8 programs? Note that long term if we do
go to a HAL route, I guess one hal fits all, so the amount of code
duplication would be severly reduced anyway. I know nothing about the hal
interface (if there is a documented one?)

I have far too many other questions, but perhaps once I start to get code
into the beginnings of a submittable form then I'll ask them!

Finally Can anyone point me at VERY basic, free programs which use directx
8.? - As examples, I was working through:  (Tutorials 3->13, most
produce something except 9 and 13 although 7 is wrong) Lighting is wrong but it
sort of appears Looks about right
Please do this via private email, so as not to clutter the wine-devel forum.


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