Direct3D v8 and Xbox Linux

Andriy Palamarchuk apa3a at
Wed Sep 11 08:49:51 CDT 2002

--- Roland <roland at> wrote:
> So what do you think 
> about this approach: I will hang-out in newsgroups
> like 
> comp.os.linux.development.* and wait for someone
> asking which project he 
> should join/start(this happens every now and then).
> Then I will have an 
> opportunity to direct him to the Wine project.

I would not spend time on the mailing lists only for
this, but if you are already subscribed on the lists -
that's fine.

> I think there are more Linux fans out there that
> don't know about the Wine 
> project than we realize. We need to get the word
> out...

Completely agree - the advocacy of the project is very
needed. We should target not only Linux developers,
but also Windows developers.
What about articles to developers sites, magazines?
Posting requests for help on the electronic boards
which are specifically created for this? E.g. I know
Sourceforge has a section "Help Wanted".

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