winebuild & (name, heap, init)

Patrik Stridvall ps at
Wed Sep 11 10:54:48 CDT 2002

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> On September 11, 2002 11:24 am, Patrik Stridvall wrote:
> > > BTW, how many are IO? I would suspect most are O only...
> >
> > For strings, not that many. Can't think of any right now.
> > However there are quite a few LPDWORD that specifies the
> > allocated length of the output buffer and the function
> > is should write the used length (or needed length,
> > if the function faild) in the pointed to DWORD.
> Dude, you're killing me! 

I often do that yet you still live. :-)
> We care to distinguish I/O for strings _only_. And since we
> don't have any, we have no problem!!! 

We have I found an example:
LPTSTR PathAddBackslash(LPTSTR lpszPath);

A few more of the Path functions are like that IIRC.
Then there might be more function. The Windows API
is larger we have only begun to implement it...

> For LPDWORD, print them
> always, they are fixed length, you (as the guy looking at the
> traces) know if you care about them or not...

True. How if you wish to automatically compare debug output diffs
you have a problem. Sure pointer and such usually differs but
that can be fixed with some sort of mapping table.

However the value of unintialized variables are "random" or
rather non-derministic since they might depend of subtle
differences in the enviroment.

But I do agree that strings is the larger problem...

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