OfficeXP/IE and latest CVS wine

Boris boris at
Wed Sep 11 10:57:05 CDT 2002

I downloaded the latest wine cvs [09-11-2002] and not using any windows files. I tried installing OfficeXP and only when I set the OS to Winme, It continues the farthest until it starts installing and then it says the setup files are corrupted. I looked at my status window and it says

fixme:advapi:SetThreadToken((nil_,cafe): stub (NT impl. only)
fixme:setupapi:SetupIterateCabinetA not implemented (setupapi.dll)

Ive noticed even when trying to install IE5 or 6 without any hacks, it seems that their are *alot* of things not implimented in the setupapi. It would be nice to get install IE 5 or 6 off a clean wine installation without hacking the configs or creating any extra directories. 
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