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Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at
Wed Sep 11 11:31:34 CDT 2002

/me jumps in on this thread for a sec

--- Patrik Stridvall <ps at> wrote:
> > > > But beyond that, we can *today* compile Wine with Mingw as PE. So
> > > > what we need is a checkspec make target which would run 
> > your script,
> > > > compile Wine as PE, extract what needs extracting from there, and
> > > > compare results. This does not need to happen all the time, only
> > > > from time to time by some people that (1) have Mingw installed,
> > > > and (2) care to do it :).
> > >
> > > True. However I still a little worried about the "stabillity"
> > > of the solution.
> > 
> > Why? This is as good of a verification method (no, even better) than
> > what we have today.
> Sure, but I have written the Perl code I know how ad hoc it is.
> It works under reasonable assumptions however beyond that...
> But I'm not really against it, I'm just pointing out
> potential problems...

I thought the WINE tree and regression suite would try and move away from a perl dependancy?
How is all of this going to effect building on Windows/ReactOS with Mingw? I have had a bitch of a
time getting Mingw+MSYS+Perl working and would hate to see it become a bigger requirement. If
-mno-cygwin worked right I dont guess it would be as big of a deal because then we could still
build WINE-Mingw under cyg but atm some import is still hosing things up and forcing importation
of cygwin1.dll so the recommended setup is just Mingw+MSYS.

Note: even using perl on cygwin is still borked atm for the regression suite and I havent even
tried winapi_check. another option may be to look at active perl for windows but I really dont
like that idea.


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