winebuild & (name, heap, init)

Patrik Stridvall ps at
Wed Sep 11 12:17:51 CDT 2002

> The parser shouldn't require any modification
> to the source, and should work on any Windows source, not only the
> Wine ones. This means there are basically two approaches:
> 1. write a full C compiler

This isn't happening soon. Definitely not within the coming months
and not likely this year and more likely than not neither the
coming year.

> 2. use Patrik's Perl stuff to generate the initial info as best as we
>    can and then update it by hand.
> IMO #2 is the way to go, because no matter how clever a parser you
> write it won't be able to extract semantics information; and that
> would be the main advantage of doing a better relay debugger. Imagine
> dumping structure contents, flags, following list pointers, etc.  We
> shouldn't limit ourselves to what can be extracted automatically from
> the source.

Agreed. I can write code if you, Dimitrie or
whomever specify the output format...
> Of course having an imperfect parser also means we cannot use it for
> the export info, because unlike relay debugging it needs to be 100%
> correct. So we either need compiler declspec support, 

That will leave us dependent on compilers that support it.

> or we need a
> specialized tool to extract the declspec info in a way that is
> guaranteed to not miss anything.

This isn't happend soon either. It might not be THAT difficult,
however the code need not just work it needs be well structured
and organized as well if any reasonable guarantees of correctness
can be made.

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