Unicode functions

Andriy Palamarchuk apa3a at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 12 09:54:19 CDT 2002

--- steve.lustbader at philips.com wrote:
> I think there is issue with _T(x).  I have this line
> in my Windows app
> that I'm compiling with WineLib (I'm using
> -fshort-wchar):
> const TCHAR *Name() const { return _T("my_name"); };
> The compiler gives me an error of:
> cannot convert `const __wchar_t *' to `const
> TCHAR *' in return
> It similarly complains about converting _T("foo") to
> a const WCHAR *.
> Both of these things work under Windows.
> Changing the definition of _T(x) from L##x to (TCHAR
> *) L##x avoids
> these problems, but then something like _T("foo")
> _T("bar") doesn't
> concatenate those strings like it does in Windows.
> -Steve

There are some issues with differences in compiler
Unicode strings support one has to work around using
Winelib. I'm not very good at it, probably other
developers can give you more information.

Did you check out the Winelib User's Guide:


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