shlwapi failes to build on windows

Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at
Thu Sep 12 17:28:42 CDT 2002

> This is due to the spec entry possibly being incorrect. AssocCreate
> takes a CLSID as its first parameter (rather than a ptr to one as any
> sane coder would have expected). I have no idea how to tell the spec
> file that the first parameter is a structure, however this obviously
> means that the size of the parameters listed after the '@' is wrong.
> I'm not sure how to fix this, since passing structs is a rare case,
> I've never looked into how to specify them in the spec. Maybe we need
> a "struct(n)" spec type for by value structures?

I have no idea either. Its not a big deal atm as long as it works on *nix. If no one has a
suggestion for a fix I will add it to buzilla to be fixed later. ATM shlwapi on Windows/ReactOS
isnt a show stopper.

> Another note: if you're planning to try to test SHLWAPI under Windows
> you should be running NT 4 or later, as there are some changes needed
> w.r.t unicode to get earlier O/Ss working OK.

I'm not worried about it as all of my testing will be for NT4.0 or higher as most if not all of my
WINE work is for ReactOS and my own amusement. atm it doesnt matter much as we are still adapting
simple windowing code from WINE for user32 and win32k. I expect we will make use of shlwapi and
the other dlls ported from WINE in another 2 months++ or so.


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