UML Merged Into 2.5.34 , VxD's

Thomas Wickline twickline2 at
Fri Sep 13 11:43:08 CDT 2002

I see UML made it into the 2.5.34 kernel

 From what I get  VxD drivers try to get hold of your pci bus and a ton 
of other stuff .
Could this be the start to a fix down the road when it comes to .vxd 
support ?
Will this help when it comes to a Wine Kernel Module ?

cut from there site ---

User-Mode Linux gives you a virtual machine that may have more hardware 
and software virtual resources than your actual, physical computer. Disk 
storage for the virtual machine is entirely contained inside a single 
file on your physical machine. You can assign your virtual machine only 
the hardware access you want it to have. With properly limited access, 
nothing you do on the virtual machine can change or damage your real 
computer, or its software.



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