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Jan Kratochvil short at
Mon Sep 16 12:31:56 CDT 2002

On Mon, 16 Sep 2002 19:00:51 +0200, Eric Pouech wrote:
> > > I am missing some general utility library such as GLib, Qt, NSPR or APR to
> > > provide general datastructures such as hashes etc. Maybe it is provided by W32?
> > > Therefore /* FIXME: Replace with some hash such as GHashTable */.
> it'll be a bad idea to use extra libs like Qt or Glib in Wine, just for that

But for example GLib is _just_ for such datastructures (+portability issues
which must be currently solved on its own by WIne anyway). If it isn't enough
for Wine it wouldn't be enough for any other project and thus GLib would be
useless at all. :-)  I don't think so.

But OK, I respect you chose to run without any support library.

> (note also, that in your case, a simple binary search would be enough IMO
> (compared to the current linear search)

Beware, some datastructure theory hassle;
But for binary search you must have already sorted data and as these data
(mmap memory map) are dynamic it is too expensive (quadratic) to maintain it.
AVL tree is exactly for this purpose (log search - the same as binseach but
also log update - binsearch would have linear for one item).

But some hash/non-hash is just a detail - would you accept the mmap cache
(reqd for .SYS loading, maybe even other files?) to have a reason to finish the

Jan Kratochvil

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