Question about "undefined" functions

Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at
Mon Sep 16 13:40:53 CDT 2002

Hi, I have problems with the following functions:

  17 0x4073bf2f (USER32.DLL.GetTaskmanWindow+0xdf in
  18 0x4073bfa3 (USER32.DLL.GetTaskmanWindow+0x153 in
  19 0x40742936 (USER32.DLL.CallWindowProcA+0x136 in
  20 0x4071c21b (USER32.DLL.DispatchMessageA+0xbb in

In some programs this call stack appears when going to debugger and is
causing 0x0 read acess.Digging in the source shows that these functions
are only defined by a stdcall in the spec file of user32.

the result is a return '0x0000' in the user32.spec.c:
    "\tjmp GetTaskmanWindow\n"
    "\tret $0x0000\n"
Are these functions intended to return 0x0 ?

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