WineLib with MSVCRT

steve.lustbader at steve.lustbader at
Mon Sep 16 13:58:21 CDT 2002

What is the proper way to use the MSVCRT in WineLib?
I tried adding a -I/usr/local/include/wine/msvcrt to the
list of includes and -nostdinc to CXXEXTRA, but then gcc
can't find stdarg.h, which is included in windows.h via

If I use -nostdinc++, gcc is able to find stdarg.h, but it runs
into problems with other files, such iostream.h.

Finally, if I don't use either -nostdinc or -nostdinc++,
gcc complains about types being redefined, such as wint_t
(as an unsigned short int in /usr/include/_G_config.h but
WCHAR in /usr/local/include/wine/msvcrt/wctype.h).

It seems like using -nostdinc would be the right way, but
does that mean that Wine needs to include its own copy
of stdarg.h and related files?


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