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Mon Sep 16 17:54:19 CDT 2002

On Mon, 16 Sep 2002, Igor Izyumin wrote:
> OK, great.  Thanks.  However, who do the site patches go through?  I don't
> think that it would be good to just make one huge patch that reorganizes all
> the pages, do I need to somehow coordinate that stuff with someone?  I see
> that the bug has already been assigned to someone - do I need to tell them?

Patches for the WineHQ web site are normally sent to the web-admin
'mailing list'. However, it may be worth discussing such big changes on
wine-dev first (ideally we would need a web site that demonstrates the
planned changes).

To get the web site sources or get commit access to the web sources,

I'm thinking that this process should be changed too:
 * web-admin is not a really milaing list, just an alias. I would feel
more confortable with a regular public mailing list for discussing web
site changes (maybe called wine-web)`. Now this may be low volume so it
may be better to discuss this on wine-devel, or maybe group it with
documentation issues.
 * there should be a public mailing list where one could send patches to
apply to the web site. Then one of the persons with CVS access could
commit them. Again, we may not need a dedicated mailing list for this.
This list could be wine-web too, or maybe it could piggy-back on
 * having all persons having access to CVS use the same wineowner
account seems wrong. For one when you commit you don't know who did the
commit. And if there's a problem involving wineowner then you don't know
who's responsible.

Well, I'm open to comments and ideas (newman?).

> Sorry for bothering you, I'm a relative newbie to the open-source development
> process.

Hey, no problem. Welcome :-)

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