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Martin Wilck Martin.Wilck at
Tue Sep 17 07:38:29 CDT 2002

Am Die, 2002-09-17 um 22.08 schrieb Mike McCormack:

> > service functionality; I doubt that's a good approach. Wine could
> > perhaps offer services on an IP alias instead, somewhat similar as
> > described in
> Well, that's exactly what I want to avoid.  NetBIOS multiplexes many 
> NetBIOS "ports" through a single TCP/IP port.  It can also use SPX/IPX 
> as it's underlying protocol.

What's wrong with an IP alias? If NetBIOS multiplexing requires hacking
Samba, getting there will require substantial support from the Samba
community at take an indeterminate amount of time. Setting up IP
aliasing, on the other hand, is a simple administration task that
requires no support by third parties. Thus server functionality 
will be much easier to achieve this way then the other (even if the
Samba guys cooperate, it will take years until a majority of the
Samba/wine installations has the modified Samba).

>> When it comes to User authentication, I am strongly for wine
>> communicating with the Unix system (e.g. PAM). Then if PAM supports
>> NT domain authentication (through samba or whatever), Activedirectory
>> AKA LDAP authentication, etc., wine would, too.
>> We'd just have to ensure that we don't loose too much on our way
>> through the Unix layer.

>Yes, integration is what makes Wine good, so I agree with you here.

I just played around with winbind a bit, and I'd say it's exactly what
we're looking for. Change a few lines in nsswitch.conf, add to your PAM configuration, and you're all set.


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