Unable to print with the Wine PS driver

Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at yahoo.fr
Tue Sep 17 14:32:28 CDT 2002

Same issue here with another printers.

Note that the text printed in the msgboxes is random garbage.
This could be uninitialised/corrupted pointer.
And, last point, the 'printing' window shouldn't be there after you get

these 3 windows, or at least inactive.

Are you using the cvs version ? your debugger problem should be fixed

I have to the backtrace attached at bottom.
Note that calls 6 to 9 are the same I reported in 'Question about
"undefined" functions' on wine-devel and they go to 0x0 access error.
See http://www.winehq.com/hypermail/wine-devel/2002/09/0385.html

  1 0x413c35b7 (X11DRV.DLL.SetDeviceGammaRamp+0x7b9c17 in
wineps.dll.so) (ebp=405e2648)
  2 0x40a1b0e0 (GDI32.DLL.StartDocA+0x80 in gdi32.dll.so)
  3 0x403b7cb8 (notepad.exe.EntryPoint+0x1cb8 in notepad.exe.so)
  4 0x403b890f (notepad.exe.EntryPoint+0x290f in notepad.exe.so)
  5 0x403b8c35 (notepad.exe.EntryPoint+0x2c35 in notepad.exe.so)
  6 0x4091701f (USER32.DLL.GetTaskmanWindow+0xdf in user32.dll.so)
  7 0x40917093 (USER32.DLL.GetTaskmanWindow+0x153 in user32.dll.so)
  8 0x4091da26 (USER32.DLL.CallWindowProcA+0x136 in user32.dll.so)
  9 0x408f721b (USER32.DLL.DispatchMessageA+0xbb in user32.dll.so)
  10 0x403b914a (notepad.exe.EntryPoint+0x314a in notepad.exe.so)
(ebp=405e2e00)  11 0x403b60cd (notepad.exe.EntryPoint+0xcd in
notepad.exe.so) (ebp=405e2e70)
  12 0x400e1be6 (start_process+0x206 [process.c] in libntdll.dll.so)
  13 0x400e6ce0 (call_on_thread_stack+0x90 [sysdeps.c] in
libntdll.dll.so) (ebp=405e2ff4)
  14 0x400e6e68 (SYSDEPS_CallOnStack+0x14 in libntdll.dll.so)

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