documentation dir

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at
Tue Sep 17 17:57:59 CDT 2002


While I'm waiting for wine to compile, I figured I'd start a new
flamewar :P

I was looking through the documentation directory, and there are
a few things that shouldn't be in there IMO. We are getting closer
to 1.0, and we should clean up our act, me thinks...

The CVS scripts are meant to clarify what I mean, and for Alexandre
to use... (hint, hint :))

And now to the constructive part:
  -- get rid of old, obsolete files:
 	 cvs rm -f documentation/{programs,winsock}
	 cvs ci -m "Remove obsolete docs" documentation
  -- remove WineHQ stuff out of there
	There are other things that are on WineHQ, and they
	don't reside in there. Why do we keep stuff like
	db2html-winehq in there? If we _need_ it in there,
	it should be in tools/ but I don't see
	anywhere in the tree, and that one is used on WineHQ,
	so I suggest we keep all WineHQ things in one place
	(and outside the wine tree)
	 cvs rm -f documentation/{db2html-winehq,make_winehq}
	 cvs ci -m "Remove WineHQ stuff" documentation
  -- rename installation-und-konfiguration.german
	We have already a, we should be consistent.
	 cp installation-und-konfiguration.german
	 cvs rm -f documentation/installation-und-konfiguration.german
	 cvs add documentation/
	 cvs ci -m "Rename installation-und-konfiguration.german to" documentation
  -- what's up with HOWTO-winelib?
	If it's already in .sgml, we should delete it.
	Else, we should integrate in the Winelib guide, and delete it.
	Anyone knows the its status?
  -- why do we have psdrv.reg in documentation?
	Shouldn't it be with the other conf files?
  -- documentation/shell32 should be moved as a README in the dlls/shell32
	 cp documentation/shell32 dlls/shell32/README
	 cvs rm -f documentation/shell32
	 cvs add dlls/shell32/README
	 cvs ci -m "Rename documentation/shell32 to dlls/shell32/README" documentation dlls/shell32
  -- what's up with wine.texinfo?
	Is it still maintained? Shouldn't we incorporate whatever is in
	there in the .sgml, and get rid of it? Anyone knows the its status?
  -- why do we have config files in documentation/samples?
	Shouldn't we move documentation/samples to to something like conf/ or etc/?
  -- the documentation/status idea was mine, but I now think it was misguided
	The information stays buried in there, and no one maintains it.
	We should salvage what's still good, and move it in a README file in
	the appropriate dll directory, or even directly in the .c file,
	where appropriate.



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