Right button clicks

Fabian Cenedese Cenedese at indel.ch
Wed Sep 18 07:56:35 CDT 2002

> > Does Wine support right mouse button double clicks? I have an App with
> > a dialog (in fact an overridden MFC CDialog for about infos) in which I can
> > double click with the right mouse button to show some additional info. But
> > they never show up. After +relay tracing the messages I found that only
> > WM_RBUTTONDOWN and WM_RBUTTONUP messages are generated,
> > none of them get converted into clicks or even double clicks, no matter
> > how fast I click. Does anyone have an idea?

I now got to the real problem. The dialog's class flags include the CS_DBLCLKS
in Windows, but in Wine this bit is cleared. I never explicitely wrote this 
in the source, so I guess it's MFC or Windows adding it. It works if I set it
now manually but that wouldn't solve the problem in Wine. Where are the
dialogs/windows created in Wine, where could this flag be added?


bye  Fabi

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