problems with --debugmsg -relay=this:that

Rick Romero rick at
Wed Sep 18 11:34:51 CDT 2002

I'm using Wine cvs from Monday (IIRC)

I'm trying to find what appears to be a loop which that calls
GetCursorPos infinately.  
(I know it's called repeatedly anyhow, but part of the bug is that PosX
& PosY never get changed after a left click.  Bug #434)

Just +relay is a little too much info, so according to 'man wine':
 --debugmsg  -relay=rtlleavecriticalsection:RtlEnterCriticalSection 
	will turn on all relay messages except for 
	RtlLeaveCriticalSection and RtlEnterCriticalSection.
 --debugmsg +relay=advapi32 will only turn on relay messages into the 
	ADVAPI32  code.

So, I tried:

wine --debugmsg +cursor,+input,+mouse,-relay=kernel32:ntdll vfp.exe &>

wine --debugmsg +cursor,+input,+mouse,+relay=x11drv:gdi32:user32 vfp.exe
&> testfile2

I even dropped to: wine --debugmsg +relay=x11drv:gdi32:user32 vfp.exe
No relay messages.

Now, just +relay works but gives too much info, so I think I've either
got some syntax wrong, or maybe the(my?) man page hasn't been updated.

What am I doing wrong?


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