Direct3D v8

Jesse Allen uh_ja at
Wed Sep 18 12:12:49 CDT 2002


After hearing your about your work on d3d8, I'm particularly interested in
the implimentation of Direct3dCreate8.  I had been working on a version of
my own several weeks ago, but never had time to complete, hoping it would
fix a problem with Warcraft 3's very hackish opengl mode.  The game has a
problem where, if it minimizes for playing movies, it forgets it's hdc --
SwapBuffers only shows (00000000) in a trace even after I restore the
window.  I checked out the code in x11drv for minimizing and it seems to
be fine.  I think the problem is in their hackish code for opengl, because
even though I explicitly tell it to use opengl, it still makes a call to
Direct3dCreate8 at game start before minimizing for the opening movie. 
Wierd.  The game must be very dependent on a working d3d8.dll, no matter
what.  So that's the only lead there for the moment.

So I'll try out that specific function and see how it works.  If it looks
good, I can prepare a patch for that against the current wine tree,
cleaning it up where necessary.  Let me know if you think if this is ok.


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