winaspi + libscg

Rolf Kalbermatter r.kalbermatter at
Wed Sep 18 15:08:31 CDT 2002

>>I'm working on a rewrite of the winaspi module, using Joerg Schilling's
>>libscg. (libscg is a scsi transport library, with support of many
>>cdrecord, cdrdao uses it). I'm nearly finished, but I could test only
>>winaspi32 (with nero and isobuster), I need a software that uses the 16
>>aspi interface to test it. Anyone knows such a software that uses
>I don't think you will find too many of this type (16 bit software using
>aspi) due to the fact that the aspi interface is newer than the 32 bit api.

I'm not exactly sure about the historical timeframe but ASPI was quite early
available for Win 3.1. At that time it was an Adaptec user space DLL calling
into their low level driver. With Windows NT a 32 bit variant was released
but I'm not sure if that was initially from Adaptec or MS, reusing most of
the API definitions created by Adaptec safe from some 16 bit<->32 bit

However as the ASPI interface for Win 3.1 was indeed a proprietary solution
few other manufacturers felt compelled to support it and consequently few
applications safe from the Adaptec utilities made real use of it. But most
standdard applications really just went through the BIOS in Win 3.1 for
drive access. I do have somewhere an old Win 3.1 installation on a old HD
which I could try to dust of and there were a few smaller applications from
Adaptec such as a SCSI bus probe which made use of it. However it may be
quite possible that you won't get them running on a modern system even
before it tries to access Winaspi.

Rolf Kalbermatter

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